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Feeling a bit nostalgic and weird today.... I honestly don't know where all of this is coming from but I keep thinking about my middle school years through sophomore year [which were the saddest and hardest part of my life((so far))]. To this day those years have scarred me, I can no longer tell someone if I'm sad unless persistently asked if I'm alright, it's hard to take compliments, it's hard to trust people, and worst of all it made me insecure about myself....I'm kinda over some things or at least pushed them aside so idek what's up with me today *shrugs* Maybe it's because I got a reality check that change will happen and this time I can't stop it. I'm not sure. Maybe a bit lonely? Irritated? Sad? Not confident?...gah emotions are a never ending spiral of confusion! >______<''

ANYWHORE, *ahem*<--(mood killer) anyways I am currently in love with the song "Irony" that Lizz does a cover of. It basically describes my life as a young teen through mid teen years right there. Truthfully, honestly, and accurately. I wish I heard this song sooner! It is very true to my life xD; sad, but true.

Irony by Lizz

"You always showed me so much kindness

I don’t deserve it, I have failed you too much

I think my tiny heart is going to split

Please just leave it be, for now...
How can I live not knowing what life is?

Sometimes my dreams seem to be more realistic

Obviously I can’t be called happy

But then, what am I, after all...?"


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Just a reminder for myself the orders I have to complete in the next two weeks.
**These were random ones I chose to do/picked. I had free time. This does not mean requests are open! Please do not ask for a free request at this time, thanks c: I will announce when requests are open for slot grabs (which will be soon, but this time only 3 slots will be opened). These two just happened to ask very nicely and at a time when I was willing to accept them, this is rare I'd do this, but they were really nice about asking so I figured why not c: It's a perfect time to try and transition back into requests.

1.:icongazerei: - OC Shiroyama Rei

2.:iconyuumeibunny: - OC Bella Noelle

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Hey guys so if you didn't know FanimeCon FINALLY released its site, if you didn't know well now you are're welcome.

 So far the people they've hired to come...I have no idea who they are._.'  I was expecting some pretty well-known people to show up...maybe I'm just not in the loop or something...idek. I know it's the beginning of the site launch and all, but...come on it's the 20th anniversary and so far the site was late, some of the people showing up are repeats, prices rocketed this year, artists got cheated this year, booking hotels was a complete my Fanime what have you become? Don't get me wrong I know I'll have fun this year, trust me, I'm looking forward to it a lot, but I'm just kind of taken aback at the organization and events this year. Maybe I was making the 20th anniversary out to be a lot bigger than it really is...but idk. Still waiting to hear if Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will show up, I kinda doubt it now because of how unprepared  they all are this year.  Disappoint! Ah well who knows maybe in a month things will pick up. I just hope the people who decided to come this year for their first time won't be disappointed...especially after they see the line to get badges...ehhh this is the time where I wish I would have known about group badges...fml.

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Well hello there it has been a while, no? How is everyone? *insert cricket noise here*...Yeah! Alright! good!...uwaa sorry I know I've been a fart and have been inactive and moody T__T I be sorry! So much stuff has been going on =w=' But I am in a much happier place now c:

Alrighty so I'll keep this short sweet and to the point! Here is my final and complete cosplay line up (days n stuff will be added later...WHEN EVER THE FREAK FANIMECON DECIDES TO POST THE SITE AND UPDATE MEETS!...sorry I coughed)

Main cosplay: Asuna Yuuki
Secondary Cosplay: Captain Levi casual ver.
Mini cosplay: Meiko Black-out ver.

As far as how often, when/where you'll see me wearing them, etc. is all determined to fanmeets. Sooo lol I have no idears. The Meiko cosplay that I created will probably be worn only for the meet and then I go back into Asuna....I think. To be honest life would be a lot easier if I knew more info....

So yeah here's my broken line up xD Sorry! More details later.For those who are not going to fanime and are scolding me for cosplay photos Those are taken the days of the convention and posted usually the last day or the following day. There will be some major differences in the pictures this year since my friend and I got awesome cameras and we actually know what we're kinda doing now as far as cosplays go. Welp thats all for now!

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Hey guys! So I have done it. I have officially finished my high school struggle classes (with the exception of one). So I am on my final trimester of high school ever. This will be the last 3 months of being a high school student, then I'm on to adult life which is heh hehhh yeah...not so great. All of this free time has given me a lot of time to think and well it's just upsetting. I am one of those people who hate change in their life(don't get me wrong some change is good, but change as in friends leaving, people very special leaving, going into college, work, being alone etc. it frightens me). It is all happening way too fast for me. I guess I wasn't as tough as I thought I'd be by this point. Not to mention I leave earlier than my friends and don't get to see them since a lot of them aren't in my classes. THAT really gets to me kinda.

*ahem*...alright enough of the sob story. I mostly just wanted to update, but I've been having a tough few days for...reasons, but I'm trying my best to keep the ol' chin up eh?
In other news, requests I have decided will return at some point for a short period of time. Since I'll have a lot of time on my hands nowadays I figured I better busy myself and distract myself somehow. I'll let you all know when I'll start excepting.

Also, I've been doing a lot of traditional style artwork because I do a lot of it now that I've been in art class. I'm practicing/refreshing that medium as well. Don't worry tablet drawings are still going to be frequent! =w='

So I shall leave you all with this new song by 2ne1 since I love this version and gah these lyrics just...yes. This is by far my favorite lyrics from them! Enjoy!

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Hi guys! c: So lately I've been getting a lot of questions for...idk why owo I'm happy though! I love when you guys ask questions x3 So without further adieu here are some FAQs for you guys.

1.How long does it take you to draw a piece?
It really depends. Without a background it takes an average of 2-3 hours and with a background and complex character 5-6 hours.

2.What program do you use?
I use SAI for tablet drawings.

3.What happened to CoZ?
It has been discontinued due to my team breaking apart and model complications. In addition my computer is crap which brings me to the next question...

4. What happened to your MMD stuff? Did you lose files or did you quit?
I no longer work with MMD except for video purposes, or special occasions when a friend asks to test something. My computer does not support the program very well and I have become bored of it =\ I hope to one day return to it when I get my new computer.

5. When can we start requesting again from you?
Perhaps soon. Still pretty shaken by the disrespect I got when I did them the last time, but I'm getting over it...sorta.

6. Who the hell is Joe?! You keep mentioning him!
Joe is my partner in crime, the wind beneath my wings, my Kirito...lmfao get the gist?

7. How come it takes you so long to reply?
I am usually slammed with homework since this is my final year in high school so not always will I reply right away. It may take several days for me to reply. Sorry! ^^'

8. Can I have *insert MMD model here*?
No sorry. I may occasionally give a link to where to download but I never give away models that were specially given to me or were taken down.

9. What kind of Tablet do you use?
Wacom intuos 4. I wish I had one with a screen on it ;u; I draw much better on paper than on the tablet.

10. What tool in SAI do you use to color?
It really depends. I mostly do line art with the pen tool and color block with the pen, but shading n stuff I'll use the brush tool and some times the airbrush. Chibi's are a more complex and completely different story,

Welp that's basically it for now! c: Ask away if you want to know something~!

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Hey hey! Are you going?! Well are ya?! lol hey guys Mika here and I'm just here to help inform anyone interested in going to fanimecon in San Jose CA 2014. I will be attending all 4 days and I hope to see some of you there! c: This will be my...3rd year? 4th...I don't even know. More info about where to spot me n stuff will be posted closer to May.

Now for the info part!

It is on labor day weekend (May 23-26). It is an animecon and one of the most popular in Northern California at that! c: the admission for the ENTIRE weekend is $55 (it will rise to $65 on March 1st). Daily admission is around $50 a day and if you buy a weekend pass without preRegistering then it is $75. Hotels are pretty pricey and are around $150 a night D; Booooo right?

Already have gone? Need Help to Reg this year online?

Well I has some help in case you know that sign ups for badges are today and you can't find a link to it!
Here is the registration link -
Yeah I dunno people -.- Fanime has always had its moments of unorganization and this happens to be one of them. They set up the registration but didn't give a link on the main home I know.

Hotel Registration starts on Feb. 10th next week! Get those as fast as you can! Those sell like hotcakes and you want to get a good hotel, no? You don't want a hotel hours me, it is a hassle.

If you guys have any questions don't hesitate to ask! c: If you are going to ask about mailing out badges...They are NOT mailing out badges. They really should though. The line to get badges is AWFUL!!! six hours is not fun.

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Hi guys so I was tagged by :iconxxrui-kagenexx: I love doing tags, but I'm too lazy/busy to do everything that the rules state for this tag soooo I'm just going to answer her questions and do the 10 things about me xD


1.- You must post these rules.
2.- Each person must post ten things about themselves on their journal.
3.- Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4.- You have to choose ten people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5.- No tag backs.
6.- No "you are tagged if you are reading this". Please actually tag ten people.
tehehehehhhh....Mika doesn't listen to the rules! STICK IT TO THE MAN! xDD

About Me:

1. I am 5'0"
2.I am Euroasian...I think is the term...Idfk I'm half Asian half white xD;
3.I began drawing at age 10
4. My first Manga was Tokyo Mew Mew
5. My first Anime was Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, and Sailor Moon. They all came into my life around the same time so I do not know which one I watched first.
6. I am studying to be a concept artist/ Story board artist
7. Currently I am obsessed with the movie Frozen
8. I have a boyfriend
9. When I type out lyrics they usually mean something to me or something has happened that made me type them.( In other words I do not type lyrics unless I really mean them)
10. People say if I looked like an anime character I would be Kokone the new vocaloid?? lol She's not an anime or manga character but okay then xD;

xxRui-Kagenexx's Questions

1. Hello! Anything you want to say first?
Lol um hello there! xD;

2. Favorite color?

3. Favorite type of music?
Whatever sounds good to me at the time. c:

4. Hobby?
Drawing and playing video games

5. Favorite food?
Korean BBQ, Sushi, or Vietnamese Pho

6. Dark or Light?
Half and half! Angel of Darkness bby!

7. Any siblings?
One younger brother

8. Which submission of your own is your favorite?
I really can't stand to look back at my work since I think it all sucks lol, but um probably my England Drawing
You're a Wizard Iggy by MikaAlaMode

9. Eh... Where do you usually get ideas for your art?
Music. All my drawings, photos, etc.(that aren't requests) all come from ideas I have when listening to a song.

10. Bye! Anything you might want to add?
bye bye~!...uhhh I like chocolate? o.o'

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Hi guys! I hope you all had Happy Holidays! I apologize for not being on or updating frequently, my first week off had been really busy and hectic trying to get a project done for my AP English class. To be honest I've hardly had time to really enjoy drawing over break; too much school work...and I'm not even finished yet with every school thing I have to do -_-' meh. This break has not been relaxing in the least bit. So disappointed. I hope things for you guys are going well.


So yes the title sounds not the howdy, look over, ah yep that. So next NEXT well by tomorrow it'll be next year... I'm talkin' aBOOT 2015 guys. I may possibly retire that year from cosplaying depending on college, where I'll be, and if I'll have a job. Not to mention a lot of my friends are separating to go to college so I may be a loner that year. In saying that I want to enjoy it and kind of go out in a bang for 2015. To go out of cosplaying is upsetting for me since I enjoy it so much, but who knows what will be going on by then.

So in order to go out in a bang and before I retire my wig caps and contacts I am going to make an effort to cosplay:
A female version of Edward Kenway from Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

...and whatever anime,video game, vocaloid character seems to fancy me. More than likely it'll be something new or whatever xD I'm keeping that open to myself cuz I always change who I want to cosplay.

I've been deciding on this for a really long time because I've always loved the series and female cosplayers who have done versions of AC characters is just awesome looking to me, so I want to try it out. Plus the costume designs are freaking awesome and it helps that I love yeah. Retirement with a bang.

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  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Water has definitely been a while. I am so sorry!! :iconyuicryplz: I have been really busy with school work and have just been occupied with life. I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! Fun fact, I went into 2 food comas that day. xD It's a new record for me!
 SO Christmas is rapidly coming up and it's kind of making me anxious. Every year I freak out when I give gifts because I really want to give my friends and family something they'd like, right? I am completely in fear that they have bought me an expensive gift and I give them something pointless and cheap. I really try not to and I know some of them say it doesn't matter and that it's the thought that counts, but I can't help feeling guilty! Does this happen to you guys? Gah I really don't want to be that horrible gift giver!!! It's completely embarrassing...not to mention I have absolutely NO money, because I lack the time to get a job right now and I BE my gifts I feel always come off cheap. yeaaahhh....I'm going to be anxious for the next 2 weeks, don't mind me xD; Hope everyone has a great week!

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Hey everyone! So as you may or may not know I released my very first installment of my new story I'm working on called "iNsAnItY of the Silent." I just wanted to give the heads up for people who have not read it yet that it is gorey and violent at parts so I am going to put a warning on every installment, with the exception of the shorter "scenery/comedic relief" chapters. So yeah I hope you guys will enjoy it if you decide to read it c:


An update on my Levi cosplay. It is official I will be cosplaying Levi in addition to Asuna. I have no idea if I will be cosplaying the official outfit yet because currently I am $15 short and I still need money for gifts I want to get at con. Soooo yeah I may just be casual Levi, but definitely being Levi. c: I can't wait!...I finished Attack on Titan two days ago and now I have no idea what to do with my life lmao xD; I am deprived! Anyways it's my last week before break so drawings will come in I think. Perhaps I will open requests for a short time, but again I am still discouraged thanks to last time. Anyways have a good week everyone!

~Mika :iconreviplz:
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"Seid ihr das Essen?
Nein, wir sind der Jäger!" :iconreviplz:

Hellllllllooooo people of Deviant Art!No I am not dead...completely xD . I am actually slowly getting my energy back as I slowly approach Thanksgiving break and a new trimester whoo! In saying that my thought process is working a bit better so I have some possible plans! c:

By plans I mean cosplay plans :iconsweatplz: *ahem* So let me explain myself.

I was completely shot down from doing another cosplay because my Asuna cosplay costed me WAAAAY more than I could have imagined. However! A glimmer of hope smacked me upside the head last night! Before I go on to say the obvious, I just wanted to state I was really done with trying to crossplay. I felt I really sucked at it and it was just not working for me. BUT--again with the but-- I got my courage and confidence to try again. SOOOOOO this is where the no shit Sherlock part comes in. I have decided to give Levi a try BUT--damn but again-- in a "causal" outfit....what does that mean? That means I'll be wearing the Corps cloak but in sweatshirt form with a Levi wig and makeup on........Yeah I know all of that for something that was not exciting =w='  I'm sorry. I am trying to keep my cosplays low key this year and lazy because I will be spending money and so much time on Asuna shit this year xD;

In saying that I will be cosplaying Asuna I think... 2 1/2 days out of the 4 I'll be there. I am not entirely sure my cosplaying schedule this next year with my attempt to try and get stuff if I decide to do Levi.

OKAY now that nonesense is explained...SacAnime Winter. Who is going this year? I am really going to try to go for a day this year. It'll be my first time, but I really want to try and go. I'll probably go as Levi as described above. I just want to know : How do you like SacAnime? What is your favorite thing to do/ thing that goes on at SacAnime?
If I get told that it's boring or something I might stray from the idea and just go to fanime 2014 xD; Please give me some details on SacAnime Winter!! My friend and I are really interested!

Levi attack on titan photo: pixiv2762307 levi_zps5ad0081d.jpg

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Hullo! Wow...I am sorry guys I haven't been posting in....fereber! xD; I apologize! I have been trying to finish up this trimester of school because I have just been so busy and the work is hellish! Next trimester I will have time for requests and such! owo' Hopefully...still confuzzled about whether or not I should do them again. In addition I do plan on drawing much more often again!!

In other news, today marks the beginning of my SAO Asuna cosplay! I ordered it and am ready to start working on the sword really soon along side my friend who is cosplaying Sayaka Miki(making her sword as well) and my dad who is like a genius at making swords...long story. :iconsweatplz:

*Does anyone know about stocking glue? I may need to get a bottle of it for the parts of the cosplay that flop around. I heard double-sided tape sucks terribly...but I may try it regardless. I just want to know how it works and if there is anything troubling about it or health concerns.

Pictures will be released in May (most likely at Fanimecon 2014) and possibly before? It depends if I can get my sword completed beforehand/ have time for a photo shoot. Asuna Yuuki will be my main and possibly only cosplay because she cost so much and I don't think I can get the other colored contacts for my previous cosplays again. :iconyuicryplz: Cosplay emptied my monies...uwaaa.

Where to Find Mika
:bulletred: SacAnime Winter*
:bulletblue: Japan Town Sakura Festival*
:bulletgreen: Fanimecon 2014

If you are planning to go to any of these please comment/message me so I can say hi! c: I'd love to see all your cutesy faces! :iconluvluvplz:


*Possible/unconfirmed locations
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Hi guys! c: So as you may or may not know SHINee was my first Kpop boy group I ever took interest in and have been a hardcore fan from the start! I am such a hardcore fan that in my freshman and sophomore years of high school I had Jonghyun's hair from their Ring Ding Dong MV xD; So yeaaaah theres that =w= Anyways a couple of you guys mentioned SHINee's new MV "Everybody" to me and wanted to see what I thought. So I thought why not blog about it I suppose xD;

SHINee "Everybody" MV -…

First off I love the song ! It is really catchy and upbeat, just the way I like my SHINee songs ;3 I have to say I am not a real big fan of their more jazzy slower stuff, but nonetheless I still like them--just not as much as their fast songs like "Ring Ding Dong" or "Lucifer." I was kinda thrown off by the dubstep in the song xD I guess even Kpop is inquiring it in its songs now. So that much was okay, but thats because I don't mind dubstep.

Now the it's not one I'd learn to be honest xD It seemed a bit awkward and silly at parts, but then it had some really good moves--like in the chorus....but then it just got weird xDD; So I dunno...not a fan of the dance. I mean I get it they are like military-type synchronized movements or robotic or something....but I don't know, not really my favorite dance from them xD;

My most favorite part about the MV was definitely the fashion and makeup!! HO....just ovaries exploded with sexiness... lmfao sorry for that image xDD; ANYWAYS...They dressed them appropriately again, which I'm so happy about! They looked so good in military attire and dude freaking Taemin is definitely grown up now owo like DAMN....and yes Mika does want their clothes and jewelery....GIMMEH! :iconshakethatplz: *Ahem*  but yeah...nicely done on dressing boys.

That concludes my tiny blog about the new MV xD So if you haven't checked out the "Everybody" MV you need to! It is a really good song with some really great visuals...err...I mean the danc- no no...SHINee performs and its epic okay? =w=' sheesh.

Have a good day? week? xD I dunno when I'll write again!

ps. The beginning was a little WTF xD; I dunno what to say about it.

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Sad news for me D; I just calculated all the cost of my Asuna cosplay and it looks like there is no way I can afford Mikasa Ackerman at all. It is such a downer for me since I really wanted to cosplay her. :iconsighingplz: Asuna will be costing me a whapping $200++!! I did come into some large money for my 18th but I'm saving a huge majority of it towards college, trips and etc. I am thoroughly disappointed, but at least I can focus and try my best at Asuna!! Her sword is what I am completely worried about and mostly focusing on. My friend who is amazing at making props will be helping me so it shouldn't be too bad...but if worse comes to worse I'll have to pull $150 out of my savings for an ebay one which will really urk me. e__e

So I apologize for those who were looking forward to my Mikasa cosplay ;u; :icononionfailplz: Please forgive me! :iconyuicryplz:

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I love this song so much! I have had so many instances in my life where this was relevant and right now there are so many people I know having this same situation as I did before. So I dunno I hope this song can kinda help people spill their emotions out when listening to it.

Ladies and Gents I give you "I Hate You, I Love you" by Demi Lovato -…


ps. Hang in there guys.
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Strange since I haven't done one in a REALLY long time...and I've only done it once xD anyways! Here are some songs that I've been replaying over and OVER again for weeks u@' I thought I'd share for those who is looking for some new music~!

*in order of most played on repeat on my ipod xD

1. Egoselfishness (English ver) by Mikutan -…
2.Communication by Perfume -…
3.Shabon no Salamander by Kaito -…
4.Guren no Yumiya (English ver) by Amanda Lee and Daniel Alvarez ft. Various singers -…

Enjoy~! :iconyutasmileplz:


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I just wanted to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday! It really means a lot to me! c: Love you all! :iconluvluvplz:

ps. We're so close to 250 watchers! whoo! Couldn't have done it without you guys so thank you all for sticking with me! >w<

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Hey everyone~! It's been a while again and I apologize >_<' Mika is still alive I promise~! I am dead tired right now cuz a certain someone *coughJOEcough* stayed up with me till 5am.... It was so much fun nonetheless :iconyutasmileplz:~! But I regret not sleeping very much =w=' My internal clock woke me up at 10:30...fml. Anyways~! This is just a little update to tell you what I've been up to and what I am going to be up to.
So I have been extremely busy with homework and crap because my AP class gives me an hour assignment daily plus my Civics class is just hectic with hw as well. Surprisingly those are the only two classes that make up 3 hours of my day a living hell -_-' regards to hw that is xD; So that is why my art posting is very sparse ;u; I probably won't do anything for a while again cuz my birthday is coming up and everyone wants to see me/come to greet me before I'm off to college, moving in with someone etc....whatever they think I'll do xD; I dunno.

For the future...I may or may not being joining the Maple Story bandwagon again xD; I was intrigued to play again by a certain someone =w=' So I may quit Mabi for a while...especially since it's going through mega changes again -_-' so annoying!

for art...I will try my best to find time, but sadly it looks like it'll be a while until I can do anything ;___; I'm sorry! Please don't give up on me!

Welp that's it owo' That's all I've been up to for 2 weeks xD; ...curse you HW!!! :icononionfailplz:

Oh! FAQ real quick
Q:Who is Joe?
A: ....pehehheheh....someone dear to me and that's all you need to know~! <3

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rainbows and unicorns! +w+ :iconluvluvplz: I used a new chibi Miku model I found and made her dance the cutest dance ever xD Enjoy!

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